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New events 2021 in Valdorcia: April will be the highlight, a long week, a real feast among the colors of spring, on April 18 you will start walking with "il Cammino della Valdorcia" a new event that will start from San Quirico d'Orcia and will run through the green heart of Valdorcia, the great beauty UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful route of 45 km that will touch the most beautiful places and that the whole world envies us, just think of the Cypresses, Bagno Vignoni, the Rocca d'Orcia to places made famous by films such as Gladiator, Pienza and the Madonna di Vitaleta, there will also be the possibility to make shorter distances of 15 and 24 km.

It will be the prologue to the great race, the "Tuscany Crossing" the famous Ultramarathon whose 7th edition has been postponed due to health emergencies to April 23rd, the day in which it will start from Castiglione d'Orcia at 17 the 100 miles while the next day will be the turn of the other races and even here there will be a novelty: the shortest distance will no longer be 50 km but will be brought to 46 km (the Green Heart), unchanged but with a restyling of the routes the 103 km and the legendary 100 miles.

From August 1st the pre-registrations for the two events will be available and will remain open until December 31st or when the maximum number of participants is reached, after which they will have to be regularized.

In the "Tuscany Crossing" will be available the remaining places, closed number in fact with a maximum of 320 registered for each of the distances, while there are over 500 athletes who have confirmed their registration in 2020, these are the remaining places: 112 bibs for the 46 km, 142 bibs for the 103 km and 200 for the 100 miles.

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Nuovi eventi podistici 2021 in Valdorcia: aprile sarà il momento clou, una lunga settimana, una vera festa tra i colori della primavera, il 18 aprile si comincerà camminando con “il Cammino della Vald

Transfer modality registration to 2021 and refunds

As already announced in social media channels, due to the emergencies of the Coronavirus, the “Tuscany Crossing 2020” event will be canceled and postponed to April 23, 2021. • We communicate that all

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